DUAL-PURPOSE HYBRID GLOVES – The sturdy neoprene fabric of the hybrid gloves makes them strong and durable for extended sessions of a variety of gym workouts and fitness regimes. SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZES ARE RECOMMENDED UP TO 14 YEARS
IMPACT DIFFUSION PADDING – The padded X-Foam slab in the boxing wraps evenly distributes the strong impact force across the entire surface and the gel padding of these Inner glove wraps cushion the hand from impact while you train for MMA, boxing and Brazilian Jiu. -Jitsu among others.
IMPROVED POINT GRIP – The pull grip makes the hybrid gloves non-slip and ideal for weightlifting, strength training and other exercises with a silicone dot grid on the palm.
LONG DOUBLE CLOSURE STRAP – The 50cm long strap of the wrist gloves features two Quick-EZ hook-and-loop closure points, which helps users get better support and alignment from these boxing gloves.
ERGONOMIC OPEN THUMB DESIGN – The open thumb design of the MMA hand wrap inner gloves allows for optimal use of the hand. They fit comfortably and prevent Muay Thai wraps from slipping. The half-finger design of the inner gloves wraps around the wrist to provide the required ventilation and natural grip.


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